About me

Hello, I am Blanca Huergo and I am studying a joint course in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Oxford. I will graduate with a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree in these subjects. I have been since I was 11 working on the intersection between these two fields, starting to work as a data scientist when I was 16 at a consultancy agency and to compete in programming contests, such as Informatics Olympiads or Datathons. I now balance my studies with training others so that they succeed in this area, through several initiatives, such as the Spanish Informatics Olympiad for Girls (OIFem), a non-profit which prepares teenagers to compete at an international level and where I preside the Board of Directors; my online course: Competitive Programming, open to everyone and which will teach you the techniques necessary to win your first medals and to gain a competitive edge in software engineering interviews; and C1b3rwall Academy 2021/22. For more details, head to the Teaching section.

I was born 18 years ago in Oviedo, Asturias, a region in the North of Spain, and I have always really enjoyed Mathematics. Pushed by this interest, I discovered online university courses and, with them, programming and algorithms, back in 2014. Since then, I have won several local, national and international competitions, including a silver medal in 2020's Iberoamerican Olympiad in Informatics, a gold medal and top female programmer for the second year in a row in the 2020 Spanish Informatics Olympiad, 1st position in the VIII Asturian Informatics Olympiad and the Divisadero 2019 Datathon, and both the female and the Python categories in the 2019 Spanish Informatics Olympiad. I was a finalist of the 2020 International Olympiad in Informatics, where I represented Spain.

I have also completed more than 50 computer science, algorithms and artificial intelligence courses and certifications, such as MIT's The Analytics Edge, Stanford University's Algorithms Specialization or the Tensorflow Developer Professional Certificate. I have also worked in data science as part of both Merkle Divisadero (now Merkle Spain) and Empathy.co, where I designed a time series prediction system specialised in e-commerce, attending to various KPIs, with their seasonal components and long-term patterns, usually hidden to the human eye. This tool is now used by data analysts from different businesses to monitor their website in a more efficient way, without getting lost in the Dashboard.

Despite having skipped a school year and taking 6 International A-Levels (Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Economics and Spanish), twice the usual workload, I have managed to obtain not only 6 A*'s (the best possible grade in an A-Level), but also the best mark in the world in 7 International A-Level components.

With the desire to help teenagers find their path in Computer Science, I have co-founded and preside the Spanish Girls' Informatics Olympiad (OIFem), a non-profit organisation which trains Secondary students to achieve in competitive programming, while creating a community of young developers. We organise the national competition, where the female international team is selected to represent Spain in the European Girls' Informatics Olympiad. I am also a problem-setter in the Spanish Informatics Olympiad, where I design algorithmic challenges for the competition.